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personal concierge

Your Personal Concierge

The world has become faster, automated and more complicated. As a result, great customer service has become a lost art.

Online ordering of products has become very
convenient, unless you have an important question or
problem. Then it's a matter of getting put into a customer service loop and explaining the same thing over and over again. If you need to call back - you'll most likely speak to someone else.

Although we offer high quality meats and seafood, it wouldn't matter if we didn't revive the lost art of great customer care.

Customer Care is About Relationships

When you become a customer of ours, you join our family and we take care of
you. On your first order we provide you with your own personal Concierge in our Customer Care department. This person will be your 'go to' person anytime you have a question about our products, delivery, billing, or what seafood would compliment a steak you plan to purchase.

Imagine being able to just pick up the phone or send an email to a new 'old friend' and get direct, quick, and reliable service with no hassle.

We encourage you to utilize this personal service we offer.