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No Ickies - Our Certification

quality through testing

Integral to the our culture and operating practices is the care and attention to detail we provide with each and every order. To this end — and built in to our name — is a unique, third-party provided CERTIFICATION that we include with each purchase to ensure freshness and safety.

Inspect What You Expect

Using the services of ABC Research Laboratories — a world leader in bioanalytical services for food service industries — we worked hand in hand with some of the world's best research chemists to design customized analysis parameters appropriate for each and every product we sell.

All of our meat and seafood products (except where otherwise noted), under go a basic battery of tests that help us ensure we're providing you pure and wholesome products.

Pure Beef - No Ickies

Beef is tested in separate areas to make sure there are no potentially harmful organic bacteria present that could cause problems. In addition, on-site USDA inspectors in our plant oversee every aspect of all our day-to-day food handling and packing operations. As our heritage stems from serving commercial customers who demand nothing but the the best, safeguarding your health and providing the highest quality is our norm.

Pure Seafood - No Ickies

Finfish and Shellfish undergo additional tests to measure mercury, histamines, and other trace elements particular to each type of species and geographic region of origin. On premises -- as with our meat — inspectors from the USDC oversee all operations involved in food handling, packaging, plant cleanliness and safety. And to provide safe wholesome foods always, we use a multitude of food safety processes and programs throughout our plants that are in line with the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) and the BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices) Seafood Processing Standards.

Verification Begins at the Source

Suppliers' facilities and harvesting practices are inspected on a regular basis and have to meet a meticulous set of standards in order to do business with us. Where your food comes from and how it was handled from original source to your table is of utmost importance.

Trust - But Verify

As a result of all these rigid standards and TLC, a third-party certified analysis report, including nutrition information, is provided with each order.