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Buy a Single Piece - Not a Box!

One size does NOT fit all and you should not have to purchase a box of anything if you don't want to.

With Certified Steak and Seafood you can always get the exact amount you wish.

How Big is Your Freezer?

We hear from a lot of our customers that they love being able to purchase by the piece and not by the box. With a family of diverse tastes, they would have to find room for multiple boxes of products - just in order to get a few different items. Now they just purchase the exact amount they need, and would like to store.

It's About Quality and Service

We want to offer you premium quality meats and seafood that you and your family enjoy. Without you having to buy the 'farm' just to get the variety you want.

Imagine having a family of six and each person would like a different steak. You would have to purchase six boxes of steaks to honor these requests - and store 18 of them (based on 4 steaks/box). That's just crazy.

So purchase from us and get exactly what you want and save that
freezer room for ice cream!